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Hi there, 

In our organization, we are have an 'off season' and an 'on season'. When we open volunteer registration in our on season, volunteers can then begin to register for our festival, then at a predetermined date before the festival, we close registration then then the festival happens, we go into our off season, and registration won't open again until a few months before the next festival.

What we need is the ability to have a Galaxy landing page saying when volunteer registration opens, that doesn't allow volunteers to register until we're ready to open up for new volunteers, but still allows previous volunteers to log in for the off season, and once registration has closed before the festival. 

We essentially need to be able to turn off the 'Sign Up' button, and just keep the 'Log In' button, so only people who have active accounts are able to use the site. 

This functionality is essential for us, as without the ability to start and stop registration, we would potentially have volunteers signing up mid-festival, or right before we start, and therefore we would be unable to prepare their benefits packages, screen them appropriately or train them. 

Thanks so much!

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Hi, Katherine,

I want to make sure I have a clear understanding of your request, so I'm going to list the enhancements you'd like to see. If I've misunderstood anything, please let me know! I'll refer to "off season" as meaning both the true "off" season and the period before the festival once registration has closed.

  • During the "on" season, you want people to be able to register and sign up for volunteer opportunities.
  • During the "off" season, you're OK with people logging in if they have accounts, but you don't want new people to be able to register for your site.
  • During the "off" season, you want the landing page to both (1) indicate when registration will open again and (2) prevent anyone new from registering before that date.

All three of these things can be accomplished with the tools available to you in Community Connect, but they are not automated.

  • You can contact us to turn the Sign Up button on or off. This will prevent any new people from registering for your site.
  • You can keep the Login button on throughout the year, which would allow people with accounts to log in whenever they wish.
  • You can create "off season" banners that include the date registration begins. When the "off" season starts, you would upload the new banners to your site. When the "on" season rolls around again, you can upload the old banners, or else use new ones that reflect the new year.

If you are not already specifying a "closed date" for needs, you should do that, as it will prevent even people who have accounts from responding to opportunities during the period before the festival (if that's something you want to prevent).

I hope this makes sense, Katherine! Please let me know if I've misunderstood your use case. If you are asking to have these kinds of things automated, I'm not sure whether we can do that, but I can look into the possibly of giving site managers the option of turning their Sign Up buttons on and off. At the very least, we can have one of our team set calendar reminders for turning your site's registration on and off.

Thanks for posting to our forums!


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