Facebook Open Graph Integration

Prior to a few weeks ago, users were able to add an image of their choice to a hyperlink and essentially format it, uploading an image of our choosing. Facebook took this ability away in order to cut back on spam and organizations using this inappropriately. This has limited how we're able to use the database format so I wanted to discuss possibilities for easier image integration in the website and Open Graph integration. We can upload a photo and bury the hyperlink within the post copy yet the click-through-rate is much lower than that of a direct hyperlinked post.

Hi, Michelle,

I am a little confused -- is your question related to Get Connected, or to Facebook? If Get Connected, can you provide me with more details? I'm having a little trouble understanding your request. Thanks!


Hi Nina,

I actually gave Tiffany (our social media expert) my login to post this.  Her suggestion is related to both.  Andy and Dave are aware of what Tiffany is talking about since she put in a ticket a couple of weeks ago about this.  Essentially what is happening is that when she posts to FB with a link from the Get Connected site, the only image available for her to "select" is our homepage banner- no other images are available for her to select.  This is a recent change FB made and she thinks there is some type of code that can be inserted into the GC site that would allow her to select from a variety of photos found on the site, not just the homepage banner.  Let me know if we need to chat in person or via phone.