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It would be great if GetConnected could integrate with our donor database.  We are currently utilizing CRM, but will soon be looking to transition to Salesforce.  It would be nice if the two systems could talk.  Also, would be good to have connectivity for marketing automation.  

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Hi, Kristine!

Good news! We are currently in the testing phase of a Salesforce integration. I can't give you a time estimate, as I don't know what kind of things will come up in testing; however, I can tell you that this is definitely something that we are pursuing for our clients who use Salesforce!


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Hi, we've also had questions from local companies that use Salesforce about tracking employee data and we have a partner agency that uses Salesforce and would like to share the data about volunteers who respond on our site with their Salesforce software.  - Gina Edwards

Gina, I do not know the details of what a Salesforce integration will look like with Get Connected, so all I can say for now is "Stay tuned!" This is something many clients have asked for, and we are working on making it a reality. Thanks!

Any CRM integration would be much appreciated.

Hey Lucy, Just out of curiosity, is there a CRM in particular that you prefer or already use? We're always interested to hear about potential integrations that might be useful for our customers. I do know that as of right now, we have the ability to export information to Raiser's Edge, and we've looked in to a few other options.

We are still working on securing a permanent CRM tool for our workflow. Right now I am using the free version of Hubspot. I also have Salesforce available to me.

Got it. Thanks for following up. As mentioned a little further up in this thread, we're currently testing our Salesforce integration, so please keep an ear open for updates there. I've also passed along your comment to our developers - they're the ones who keep track of potential integrations and things like that.


Hello Nina, Any update to the status of the integration?

Hey Karen,

We're still testing the integration, but if you'd like to be one of our testers, just shoot us a note at We'd be happy to give you some more information or get the process started.

Any closer on salesforce integration?

Hey Andrew - We are still not at the point that we have a publicly available Salesforce integration, but if you'd like to chat about the current beta integration, just send us a note at We'd be happy to give you some more information.


Any updates on the Salesforce integration? I am currently trying to find a viable crm system for our programs and have used Salesforce in the past. It would be a great fit if we could integrate our volunteer tracking with our client tracking and reporting and having Galaxy Digital integrated with Salesforce would allow for just this kind of functionality!

Hi Daniel, 

Thank you for reaching out!

I'm afraid I have to deliver some unfortunate news here. During the beta phase of building a Salesforce integration, it became clear that the scope and complexity of this project was much larger than was originally laid out. Because of the complexity, we have decided not to pursue building this integration further. 

I realize that this is not the answer anyone here was hoping for, and we also had high hopes that this project would work out. 

Thank you for your understanding!

Just a questions. How well the Hubspot is integrated with Get Connected? Anyone can answer? 

We are in the process of using the free version of Hubspot..

thanks heaps

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