Additional Editing or Response Abilities

I have all of my needs set up in shifts and would love to be able to have additional editing available. 

Right now the problem is that I set up all of my shifts with the capacity of 15 individuals but I now realize that 8 is a more realistic number. Right now there is no way for me to edit that shift number. 

I would greatly appreciate being able to block out a certain number of spots or edit the number of available slots. Another workaround would be to allow teams to respond to multiple shifts instead of just one at a time. 

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In addition to this request, I just had to go in and delete a ton of shifts individually from each of my needs because there is no way to edit them so it would be nice to be able to delete multiple shifts at once. Like a checkbox system maybe. It is very labor intensive to go through and delete shifts one by one due to the inability to edit them. 

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