Additional Editing or Response Abilities

I have all of my needs set up in shifts and would love to be able to have additional editing available. 

Right now the problem is that I set up all of my shifts with the capacity of 15 individuals but I now realize that 8 is a more realistic number. Right now there is no way for me to edit that shift number. 

I would greatly appreciate being able to block out a certain number of spots or edit the number of available slots. Another workaround would be to allow teams to respond to multiple shifts instead of just one at a time. 

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In addition to this request, I just had to go in and delete a ton of shifts individually from each of my needs because there is no way to edit them so it would be nice to be able to delete multiple shifts at once. Like a checkbox system maybe. It is very labor intensive to go through and delete shifts one by one due to the inability to edit them. 

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Hi Brianna, 

Sorry for the delay in response to this! We love that you're posting your ideas to our forum. 

The ability to edit a shift's capacity does exist but not in bulk, does this idea cover what you're hoping for: 

Check boxes next to all shifts with a menu of options such as delete and edit that would impact any shifts that were checked? 

Thanks Brianna!


No problem! Check boxes would be great. 

Some editing abilities that would make this helpful would be:

-shift capacity

-Shift start time or length

Perfect, thanks Bri!

I'll write this up and put it in the hopper. 

Have a great Friday :) 


I look forward to this upgrade.  I need to change my future shifts from 9;30-11:30 to 10-Noon.  I don't want to have to change each listing individually.

Thanks Steven! I've added your voice to the suggestion. 

Have a great day,


I'd also love to see bulk editing and delete features implemented for needs! We have recurring daily shifts that we project for the full calendar year, but I am anticipating program changes in 2019 and wouldn't want to have to individually change over 1000 shifts, nor continuously add the same opportunity at smaller increments because we're unsure when our programs will fluctuate. Something more fluid would be a dream!

Thanks Jaclyn! 

I love all the detail you've provided in your post. I've added your voice to that request. 

Happy Valentine's Day :) 


I echo the above comments. We would like to be able to bulk edit custom shifts so that we could change the start/end time, and/or number requested. Another ideal option would be if we could create a custom shift and have it repeat everday, or every Monday, for example without having to manually put it in.  

Hi Stephanie, 

Thank you for adding your voice to this suggestion! Your support of bulk editing shifts has been noted. 

For the custom shifts, we do have an option to select the duration type "recurring shifts" for needs. This duration type allows you to have shifts the recur every Monday (for example) within a date range without you having to put in each individual Monday. Here is an article that goes over recurring shifts. 

Thank you!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to announce that we have added new capabilities for editing shifts. When editing an existing shift opportunity, you will see a new tab titled "Edit Shifts". Once there, you will see all the cool new ways we have given you access to editing hours, capacity, and more. I made a quick video here illustrating how to change the capacity for shifts in bulk, rather than clicking on each individual shift. Yay! Please don't hesitate to email Support if you have questions ( 



It would be great if this video would actually play

Hey there,

Looks like you've stumbled upon an older video that may have a broken link -- sorry about that! Michelle was referencing the ability to edit shift within the Edit Shifts tab of an opportunity, as well as how to do so in bulk.

Once you select a shifted opportunity in Volunteerism > Opportunities, you can see a list of shifts you can edit in the Edit Shifts tab:

You're able to check off multiple shifts to edit in bulk, if needed:

Once you click Edit Selected Shifts, you'll see a bulk edit pop up!

I hope this helps! If you need more in-depth support, please email us directly for assistance at



CX Specialist


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