Add Registration Closed Date to Ongoing, Custom & Recurring Shifts

There is no Registration Closed Date option for ongoing, custom or recurring shifts. My agency has a recurring shift, but I need to know at least a week in advance if someone has signed up so that I can find another volunteer if the need is unfilled. I cannot effectively communicate with new volunteers if they sign up on the day of a shift. Communicating with volunteers prior to when they are supposed to volunteer is essential in managing volunteers effectively and ensuring they have the best volunteer experience possible, while also making the best use of my time and my organization's resources.

As it is now, in order to create a need with a Registration Closed Date I will have to create multiple Happens On Needs for the same task that happens at the same time on the same day each week. 

If you think this feature would be helpful for your agency, please 'like' this post so that it gets upvoted for the development team to actually consider.

Thank you.

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This is a common sense addition that would be very beneficial and streamlined for agency managers. I hope the development team agrees!

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This is something that my organization also needs.   I am sad to see that this has been consistently requested for so long.  I am hoping by adding my support this will finally get prioritized.

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Any update on this? It really is an issue for our organization and sounds like many others. Please advise on status of providing option to close signups for shifts? Can’t you provide space for a date that shift closes, when setting up shifts? Thanks, Terri

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I would also agree, that having some kind of registration close date for shifts would be very beneficial for our volunteer needs. This way if a shift was not full someone could not register the night or morning before a shift. For what we do, we need to be able to confirm volunteers before a shift as well as assign them a "job" or position" if we have people showing up that we are not prepared for. It puts us in a bad position and does not allow for an easy volunteer experience due to the security protocols we have at the stadium.  

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An ongoing need is, by definition, one that never expires, and this is why we don't have a "registration closed" date for it

For the shift needs, are you envisioning entering a specific "closed" date for each shift, or maybe a blanket "two days before shift" kind of thing? I can see the benefit of closing registration a certain number of days before each shift, but I'm trying to figure out what this would look like from the agency manager or site manager perspective.

For the time being, the best approach to take (if closing the shifts a week prior is a high priority) would be to use the "Happens On" need type in conjunction with the Clone Need" feature.

In the meantime, I can write up an enhancement request for this. If you can give me more details about how you'd like this to look, and also about the types of needs that are requiring sign-ups a week or more in advance, that would help me make a stronger case for it. Thanks!

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Hello everyone! I am happy to see that this thread is so active, and I wanted to let everyone know that we appreciate your feedback, and we hear your concerns.

I believe that I am understanding your ideas clearly, but I want to repeat it back here to make sure I am capturing it all correctly: as a volunteer manager, you all need to be able to solidify your plans for a given shift ahead of time so that you can make the necessary preparations, and the fact that people can sign up last minute can cause issues because it prevents you from doing so.

As with any solution that may involve updating multiple things at once, or establishing a blanket rule, we want to make sure that we implement something like this in a way that is going to be useful to as many of our clients as possible. For this reason, a large part of this thread has been devoted to gathering feedback on how our site managers would like a feature like this to work in an ideal world, so that we can make informed decisions on the best way to build something that has broad implications for creating needs and shifts.

So far, there have been a couple of solutions suggested here:
- An option to set the registration closed date for each individual shift. This makes sense for custom shifts shifts, but could be extremely time-consuming for recurring shifts.

- A blanket rule that applies to all shifts in a need, for example "close registration 2 days out". This would be the most efficient way of setting up a registration close date, but would be a bit less flexible in that you would have the same rule apply to all custom shifts in a a need.

From what I am seeing in this thread, it seems like the second solution (a blanket rule for all shifts) would work well for most people who are requesting this feature, but please let me know if there is anything I am missing about this.

I have made sure to consolidate everyone's feedback about this into a single enhancement request in our list, and will be sure to bring this up in our next enhancement planning meeting. Thank you all for your ideas we strive to make shifts (and all of our other features) as accessible as possible to our clients!

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This is my first opportunity that I need to close the registration for and just realized I can't....I stumbled upon this thread and agree that I need a way to make that happen, and option 2 seems to be the best. Thanks for considering this!

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Please share more options! 

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It would be helpful to close shifts a few days ahead of the event so coordinators may finalize their plans. I use customized shifts so confirmation messages are able to include shift times. Thanks! 

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This is an absolute must-have for our organization. We need to close signups a day in advance so volunteers don't just show up for a shift. It is cumbersome for us to set up multiple Happens On needs on the same day.

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I am surprised to see that this has been something that has been discussed for 2+ years yet there is still a need for it. We also cannot take walk-ins on the day of and need to cut off the registration time by a certain time. That way, we have an accurate roster of who will be attending on the day of the shift. I understand you can create "Happens On" shifts to set a cutoff time but as the only person managing the volunteer program for two locations (with other responsibilities), there is no way I have the extra time to create a new shift for every day when we have volunteer shifts available two times a day, Monday - Friday at two locations.

Adding "must register by 5:00 pm the day before" to the description is also not the best solution as I have learned in my experience that most people unfortunately do not read the information provided. Really hoping a viable solution will be developed soon!



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We would also like this feature incorporated.  Any update the status?

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Hi Amanda,

Thanks so much for sharing this feedback with us! I will add your voice to the chorus of support for a registration closed date on shift-based needs and will include your feedback about the impact of not having this feature on your volunteer experience. Keep up the great work!

All the best,

Caitlin Lowe

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Hi Terri,

Thank you for reaching out about this enhancement! There have been a few suggestions here around how best to support this request and I want to make sure we're capturing exactly what you're looking for.

Would it be preferable to specify a date that registration is closed for every shift or to instead prevent volunteers from registering for any shift less than 'X' days prior? 

I look forward to hearing more!

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I had a perfect example this week of why the registration close date for ongoing, custom and recurring shifts is needed.

A new volunteer registered for a need with a shift occurring on 5/15/19 at 11:30am. the volunteer registered at 5:38pm on 5/14/19, after I had left the office for the day. I was out of the office the morning of her shift start and could not respond with instructions on where to park, to wear closed toe shoes, etc. Without that prior communication it could mean a negative experience for the volunteer, and leave staff in a pinch to orient the volunteer in a timely manner if they are not expecting someone. Unfortunately as an agency manager I do not have the ability to craft an automatic reply message in Get Connected to send out when someone registers for a need so it is left up to me to send the details once I receive a notification that someone has signed up. Because I am not watching my email every minute, this means that there is a delay in when I can get critical information to a new volunteer.

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