Add Registration Closed Date to Ongoing, Custom & Recurring Shifts

There is no Registration Closed Date option for ongoing, custom or recurring shifts. My agency has a recurring shift, but I need to know at least a week in advance if someone has signed up so that I can find another volunteer if the need is unfilled. I cannot effectively communicate with new volunteers if they sign up on the day of a shift. Communicating with volunteers prior to when they are supposed to volunteer is essential in managing volunteers effectively and ensuring they have the best volunteer experience possible, while also making the best use of my time and my organization's resources.

As it is now, in order to create a need with a Registration Closed Date I will have to create multiple Happens On Needs for the same task that happens at the same time on the same day each week. 

If you think this feature would be helpful for your agency, please 'like' this post so that it gets upvoted for the development team to actually consider.

Thank you.

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Our organization would benefit from having shifts close (and not allow additional signups) after a certain point so our site supervisor can know who to expect the next day. As a work around they can update the number of volunteers need the night before but an easier way would be most welcome.

Hello, Rehana!

Thank you for your suggestion! I'll add your voice of support to this enhancement suggestion for the development team to discuss. 

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

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We need a registration close date for custom shifts. Last minute responses to a shift reek havoc on what the construction volunteer manager has planned for the day. I'll pass along the information about reducing the capacity as a work around, but being able to specify a registration close date at the time of shift creation would allow the volunteer manager make the best use of their time and would make your product more intuitive to use for program and site managers.


Hi Tim,

Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestion on our forum! I have added your thoughts to our existing product notes so that our team can review them during one of our upcoming product enhancement meetings. I'll be happy to keep you updated here with any new information that I receive about this idea moving forward in the future. 

Thanks again and have a great day!

Jeff Rodell (He/Him)
Client Onboarding Specialist
Galaxy Digital

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