Do any of you do manage users' accounts for them?

So, I have a group of volunteers whose hours I'd like to start tracking in GetConnected to make annual report data gathering and record retention easier for the organization. I don't particularly care to ask all the volunteers in this lil crew to go set themselves up with accounts, because I think we'd get some push back. I'd really rather just create the accounts myself and log their hours for them (my site doesn't allow for recording of anonymous hours). 

Do any of y'all do it that way? Do volunteers get automated messages from Galaxy Digital if an agency manager logs their hours for them?


Hi, Rachel,

I'm sorry you haven't received any responses yet. I'll send a message to some of our Community Connect clients to see what insights they may be able to offer. I do know that some site managers do take the responsibility of logging hours, though it is a lot of extra work for them. When a volunteer creates an account, it enables you (through your Connect platform) to send reminders and thank-you messages to volunteers, and it also makes it easier for them to sign up for other volunteer opportunities they may be interested in. I know you already know this, but volunteers may be more willing to provide their information for an account if they understand the benefits.

You can also set your site up to allow anonymous hours in the Site Settings area of your site manager panel. Is there a reason that your organization has chosen not to allow anonymous hours?

Thanks for posting, and I hope you get some responses from other site managers soon!


I will try to do this and give you feedback
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