Can't log individual hours


I tried logging individual volunteer hours but the thing was it wasn't a need I responded to. In the "Is the volunteer a need you responded to," There isn't an option where I could pick no. Any reason why?

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Hi, Kaleb,

It looks like your site has turned off the option to enter individual hours. This is why you don't have the option to select "No." You may want to contact your site manager to see if this option was disabled in error.

I hope this helps!


Nina Rogers

Same issue. Unable to check what hours I have, even though the person entering them said they were entered. Unable to select an oppty as above.  Site Q&A seems wonderful if I wanted to set up galaxy for something else & I can sure spend a lot of time reading a bunch of articles about why I don't show any hours & why I can't enter any hours & why there aren't any opportunities.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the compliments on our Help Center! The Help Center is a resource for our clients who use the Galaxy Digital Connect products. You'll want to contact your site manager directly to find out why your hours might not be showing up. We do have this area which is specifically for volunteers.

The issue the person above was talking about was their inability to log their own hours using the individual hours function. This is a function that site managers can choose to turn on or off. In that case, their site manager did not want to allow the volunteers to log individual hours. It does appear that your site manager has also decided to have this option disabled which is why you're not able to log individual hours.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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