Send Notifications to Volunteers and Responses Added by Site Manager


We recently helped one of our local companies with a volunteer fair where we registered volunteers onsite, assigned them a temporary password and added a response on their behalf to the volunteer need he/she were interested in doing.

After the fact, I figured out that these volunteers did not receive any automatic notifications from the platform to welcome them to the site or to let them know they were registered for a need since their response was added by the site manager.

Eli, who helped me figure out what was happening suggested this be posted as a product suggestion.  I can see that we may be asked to help register volunteers again like this in the future. I don't think their needs to be a new/additional notification created (but I'm happy to help draft it if needed), but maybe volunteers and responses added by site managers could also receive the site's automatic notifications.  

We also register several teams manually, so maybe an automatic notification for a team assignment might be nice, too. 

Thank you for considering!

Gina Edwards, HOI United Way

Hi, Gina,

Thanks for the suggestion! The reason we don't sent notifications when new users are created and responses are entered from the back end of the site is that site managers often enter this type of information after the fact, to create historical data for expired needs. I can see your point, however, and I think an enhancement request for a "notify user" option might gain better traction with the development team. In this case, whenever you create a new user or request from the site manager panel, there would be a checkbox labeled "Notify user." If you check the box before submitting the user or the response, the notification would then be triggered. Would something like that work for your situation?




Hi Nina, a checkbox labeled "Notify user" would the perfect solution!  Thank you for considering it. - Gina 

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Thanks for confirming, Gina! I'll bring it up in our next enhancements meeting!


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