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Currently, the keyword or phrase search option is buried at the bottom of the "select filter" dropdown menu on the volunteer needs page. I'd love to see a more visible search bar, particularly on the volunteer needs page (but ideally site wide). 

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Hi, Kayla,

This request has come up in the past, but it's been a while. I'll add your name to it and bring it up in our next enhancements meeting. Thanks for the suggestion!


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I just saw that this feature is included on the check in kiosk system. It would be great to have it inplemented on the main site as well for volunteers who are searching for opportunities at home. 

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Bri, thanks for your comment. I brought this up in our last enhancements meeting and it will be discussed with the Development team today.

Nina, do you have any updates about this request?

Hi, Lindsay, 

I don't currently have any updates, and the person who could give me a definitive answer is out of the office. I'll follow up with him next week and update you here. Thanks!


I'd still love to see a response on this. The current search process (adding a 'filter' on a 'phrase') is very non-intuitive. Would love to see the standard style search bar and icon (that little magnifying glass we all know!) in a prominent spot on the page.


Hi Beth!

Thanks for the upvote. I'll add your voice to the existing request. 

Happy Friday, 


Good Morning All,

I have some great news! With our recent enhancement round, we have changed the location of the "search phrase" box so it is on top of the drop down menu. Here is a demonstration of what it looks like now:


Thank you for your suggestions--we really appreciate your feedback which made this awesome enhancement possible!

Have a great day,


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