Agency Manager Dashboard

I would love to see an agency manager dashboard, similar to the volunteer dashboard and site manager dashboard. Just from the top of my head, important things to capture here would include:

  • Current volunteer needs
  • Recent sign ups (with notes & contact information)
  • Time tracking (easy place to check Y|N to hours logged)
  • Links to agency manager training & refresher courses

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Hi, Kayla,

Thanks for posting this idea. I am wondering what you envision this looking like, and where it would be stored. Maybe when an agency manager first goes to "My Agency"? Are you thinking you would want the agency management area to be rearranged/revamped to look more like the volunteer dashboard or site manager dashboard?

For recent sign-ups, are you wanting to see any new volunteers that have signed up, or maybe just those volunteers who have fanned the agency? I know that in the past we have not shown the agency fan names for privacy reasons, so this one may be a little tricky.

Please respond to this forum post (rather than the email) so your response shows up here and others can follow along. Thanks, Kayla!

Hi Nina,

Yes, when an agency manager clicks "My Agency." This suggestion isn't at the top of my list as far as enhancements goes, but it would be a nice feature for agency managers to quickly find things in their agency manager view. And to answer your question about recent sign ups - the volunteers who have recently signed up.


We definitely need this.  We are getting a lot of agency complaints about trying to find information on the site.  This would be at the top of my list.  

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Hi Carri,

Thank you for sharing your feedback and upvoting Kayla's request! This sounds like a great opportunity for us to make changes to the agency manager interface when we begin the development of our 3.0 platform. I am going to add this to the enhancement board, so our development team can take a look. If you have any questions regarding where an agency manager can find specific information, please send us an email at We are always happy to help! Have a great weekend!



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