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We have a number of agencies that ongoing Opportunities, however, they get pushed to the bottom of the page because they are not updated. As a result, volunteers no longer see the opportunities and the agencies don't gain anything from posting. My suggestion is to add an option that the agency can "turn on" when they create the opportunity that automatically "updates" or "refreshes" the opportunity so it is moved back to the top of the Opportunity page once a month (or every 30 days, etc.) This way, agencies will know that their opportunities are being seen and aren't sitting on the very last page. Volunteers will also be introduced to opportunities that they didn't know existed because they were too far down. 

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Hi, Alli,

Thanks for the suggestion! At this time, an agency manager does get a notification if their ongoing need hasn't been updated in 90 days, but you are correct--there is currently no way to ensure that the need is automatically refreshed.

In the past, we have seen many sites with ongoing needs that were actually out of date, where the agency manager posted something that would be current for a few months and then forgot about the need. I think this is part of why the system was designed so that the agency manager would be the one to refresh the need--either by deleting old needs that are no longer relevant, or updating old needs so that they stay current. That approach also helps ensure that the agency manager remains engaged with the site, at least on a periodic basis.

Of course, there are ongoing needs out there that never change. Our suggestion to agency managers is to update those needs occasionally to ensure that they show up on the first page of the need listing--even if that "update" is an added word or space.

All of that being said, I can see how an automatic need-update can be useful, so I'll put it on my list of items to bring up at our next enhancements meeting.



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