Customizing Thank-you for Volunteering Message

I would like to request the ability to customize the 'Thank You For Volunteering' message that appears onscreen when a volunteer responds to an opportunity. My program has age and other restrictions so sharing an opportunity with family and friends is not appropriate in almost all circumstances. If it's not possible to allow total customization of the text, the ability to turn it on and off would be helpful.

Thank you for your consideration,


Hi, Motria,

Thanks for your suggestion! I don't think anyone has ever requested this, so I will write it up for our next enhancements meeting.

Thanks for posting to the forum!


I know this was requested a while ago, but I would like to second this request.  It would be nice to be able to add in pictures or personalized notes before thank yous go out.  It would also be nice to be able to customize the event reminder details with more information about the event.

Hi Melanie, 

Thank you for adding your suggestion! I want to make a point of clarification. Motria is referring to the pop up message that volunteers receive when they respond to a Need, like here: 

Right now, we are not able to change the language in this pop up, which is what Motria was suggesting. 

However, you do have the ability to change the Automatic Notifications that go out from your site! Automatic Notifications are the emails that the system sends out when certain actions take place, like when volunteers respond to a Need. This particular Automatic Notification is called "Need Response Thank You", and it is sent to volunteers when they click Respond to a Need on your site. To change this Automatic Notification, follow the instructions in this article. When editing this (or any!) Notification, you can add text, pictures, and links to make it more personal and eye-catching! 

The same steps apply to the Automatic Notification that is sent to volunteers who have RSVP'd to an Event. This Notification is called "Upcoming Event Reminder", and you can edit it as well! 

Does this sound like the correct information? Please let me know either way! 

If you would like to hear more about editing Automatic Notifications, please send us an email at 

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Autum,

Thank you for the response and sorry for responding to the wrong product suggestion.  I have edited the Automatic Notifications to make them specific to our organization but it would be helpful to be able to make them specific to the need our volunteers are responding to so we can provide specific information like what to wear and where to park for that event for need reminders. For Thank yous we would like to add pictures from the event the volunteers attended after the fact.  So either the ability to customize them for each agency or need would be ideal.


Hi Melanie, 

You are very welcome! And no worries at all, I just wanted to make sure that I was answering the right question. 

To add information specific to the Need, I think I have a great solution for you in our Initiatives tool! I'm going to email you directly with some more information about Initiatives and other solutions. 

Thank you and I'll talk to you soon! 


Hi Autumn,

Thank you for your response. Turning off the notification will work for me. 


Hi Motria, 

I will go ahead and reach out to you in a ticket, and we can go over this in more detail. 

Thank you!


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