Add dates and time to reminder emails to volunteers

I'm a newbie to Galaxy software but it sure would be nice to have the volunteers place day and time in the reminder email!  

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Hi, Mary,

The default message for the Upcoming Need Reminder template includes two template keys:

  • {{need_link}} - Points to the need description and shifts.
  • {{need_date}} - Provides the date of the shift.

I can see how it would benefit the volunteer to also have the shift time in the notification so they don't have to click the link to get that information, so I'll write something up for our next enhancements meeting. Thanks for the suggestion!

In the meantime, to ensure that you're using the latest version of our default message:

  1. Go to Communication > Notifications in your site manager panel.
  2. Find Upcoming Need Reminder in the table of notifications.
  3. Click the circular icon under the Reset column for that notification.
  4. Click Yes.

I hope this helps, Mary! Thanks for posting to the forums!

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