Add "Miles Traveled" to the Language Override List

The "Miles Traveled" field could be leveraged for other data purposes if the label could be changed. 

Our Use Case: Specifically, we were trying to solve for accurately accounting for Paid Volunteer Time use. Our policy only allows paid volunteer time use during business hours, but it also includes drive time where applicable (though we don't reimburse for or track mileage). Lets say an employee normally works until 5pm. This employee wants to volunteer for a 2-hour event starting at 4:30pm but it's 30 minutes away. Since the employee leaves at 4pm to arrive in time for the event, the employee could use 1 hr of their paid volunteer time (30 minutes of drive time and 30 minutes of event time). Or, that same employee could leave at 12:30pm for a 2-hour event that starts at 1 and return to work, using 3 total hours of Paid Volunteer Time. 

Using the "Miles Traveled" field as "Eligible VTO" would allow us to track reported paid volunteer time in a way that wouldn't distort actual volunteer time reporting and allow for differences over the need length. It would also provide us a dedicated data field for other reporting needs.There are likely many other ways organizations could utilize this field if the label could be changed.

Hi, Rob,

I don't think this has ever been requested, so thanks for sharing your use case! I'll add this to our list of items to discuss at our next enhancements meeting!



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Just wondering on the status of this request? Have any other use cases surfaced where having "Miles Traveled" as a language override is something that would benefit other users as well, since it could allow that field to capture different data points?

Hi, Robert,

This override is scheduled to be included in our next release!

Thanks for asking! We get a lot of product suggestions (as you can see!) and it's a challenge to keep everyone updated on everything. I know you have other requests on here, so please don't hesitate to bring them up again, as you did here, if you're wondering what's happened to them.



That's so great to hear Nina!

Where's the happy dance emoji? You just made my day! 

Hi Robert,

We've got some great news! I wanted to let you know that we have just updated our software and we can now change "miles traveled" to something that makes more sense for your use case, including "eligible VTO"! If you would like us to make this language override, please send us an email at 

Thank you so much for your suggestion! 


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