Simplified Check In Registration Form

Hi Everyone, 

I am curious if the new kiosk feature for volunteer check in has been of benefit to other site managers. What I am experiencing is our registration form for our general volunteers is quite long. We have made it that way to capture all the information we need. What I have noticed with the new check in kiosk feature is that our first time volunteers or one time volunteers will have to complete the same lengthy registration form. I think it may be a benefit to have an option of a shorter registration form in order to expedite the check in process. Our organization can have up to 100 volunteers checking in at one given time so to have all these volunteers fill out the entire form is not productive on our end.    

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Mavis, thanks for sharing your use case! I have added this to our list of enhancement items to discuss. In the meantime, you can turn off the registration items during the times that you're signing up large groups of volunteers. I realize this is a little extra work, but it's the best short-term solution I can think of. Thanks for posting to the forums!