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I am attempting to add a clickable link to a user registration custom question, and am finding that to be difficult? Any help or tips?

Hi, Daniel,

To add a clickable link to a user registration custom question, you'll need to know a bit of HTML. But even if you're not familiar with HTML, you should be able to add it with the instructions below.

  1. In the Question field of the custom question form, write your question as you want it to appear to the new user.
  2. Place your cursor before the first word that you want linked and type the following, where you replace URL of link with the actual URL: <a href="URL of link" target="blank">
  3. Place your cursor to the right of the last word you want linked, and type the following: </a>

As an example, imagine that you want people to click a box stating that they agree to your Volunteer Agreement, and you want to provide a link to that Agreement. You might write something like this:

Please check here to agree to our <a href=""  target="_blank">Volunteer Agreement</a>

In that example, the link is to a page on your website, but it can be a link to a PDF, Google docs, etc.

I hope this helps, Daniel! Please let me know if you have any questions!


Thank you so much that was so easy! For some reason I had not connected that HTML was usable on this section of website. 


Glad I could help, Daniel!

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