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I have searched your manual and do not find a way to indicate that the opportunity can be done off-site. What are others doing in this case?  It would be nice to have a check box to indicate that it could be done off site.

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This would be really helpful! Or... perhaps this could be addressed if rather than adding this specific checkbox for "virtual opportunity", sites could add a unique filter. If sites could add their own set of one or two custom search functions that would be a great way to address it better than the current "clusters" option that does allow that kind of search, but clusters are hard to find for agencies who are posting opportunities, and don't work when volunteers are taking advantage of the other search filters. That way some might add "virtual" and others will have other search filters that are specific to their site. And ideally, if adding a custom filter the site would be able to decide whether that field was accessible by agencies or only by admin. Not exactly an "initiative" but another type of unique search option that site could set for their own platform. 


Carol, you are correct--there is currently no specific field on the need form to indicate an off-site or virtual opportunity. You can use clusters as Molly suggested, or you can use attributes, which will add the information to the "Other Information" area on the need listing. Other options are to clarify in the description or even the need title that the opportunity is off-site. If you have a lot of volunteers looking for virtual opportunities (or you have lots of those being offered), you might also consider a "Virtual" interest that agency managers can use to categories their opportunities. Yet another option is to create a "virtual opportunities" initiative. With clusters, the initiative, and interests, you can then create a link that you can share in a spotlight that focuses on virtual or off-site opportunities.

I will be happy to add your suggestions to our enhancements discussion list. This is the first I've seen of this suggestion, but I do think it's a good idea--so I invite other site managers to post their use cases and upvote this one. The more voices we can add to the fray, the stronger an argument I can make for any product suggestion!

Thanks for posting!


All good suggestions. As I talk to businesses and volunteers they are also looking for "remote" opportunities which falls under off-site. Virtual opportunities are wonderful a many of my volunteers are snowbirds. Thanks for the input.

You're welcome, Carol!

Hi Carol,

I'm here to deliver some good news! We've just pushed a new enhancement update through that allows you to label your opportunities as virtual ones! You'll see this field available for you when you go in to edit or create a new opportunity.

If labeled as virtual, the opportunity will state that on its description page and will be filterable by Virtual Opportunities when users are searching for one to sign up for!

We hope this is helpful for your organization's needs and, as always, appreciate your support.

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Thank you for providing the option of creating an virtual opportunity/need. However, how would the volunteer respond by adding a video or post photos to the opportunity/need.  Could you please provide an training video. Thanks for all of your support in this time of social distancing,

Staying Safe,


Hi Brenda,

We're very happy clients are enjoying the new option!

I'm going to go ahead and start a ticket for you, so we can dig into your question in more detail. Be on the lookout for an email from support!



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