Database Search for Manually adding volunteer needs responses

We are using the Corporate Connect version of the software and currently act as the Agency Managers for all needs/opportunities on our site. When we need to manually add users to a need, we must type in the e-mail address and then the software locates the individual and is able to determine what groups that individual belongs to. 

If that field where you enter the e-mail was set to start searching the database as soon as you start entering the name, it would significantly cut down the time it takes to manually add users to needs.

I feel this same logic could also likely apply to the team creation feature. If I try to add a team member and add an email address that is already in the database, it will update the first and last name fields automatically. So if the database search started here as well as I'm entering the e-mail address field, it would also significantly cut down the time to enter. 

We are in a business setting and our user/employee list does not significantly change, however, I see the same use features for NPO's or other orgs where they consistently add volunteers that may already have an account setup.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hi, Robert,

We have a feature similar to what you are requesting in a couple of other areas on the site (such as when you're adding an agency manager). I will see if the same logic can be applied to the areas you've brought up. Thanks for the suggestion!



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Just curious if there's been any traction on this idea? I've found a few of the other areas you mentioned where you already implement this and it appears there is a 4 or 5 character minimum before the search begins. Just out of curiosity, is there any chance to reduce that down to 2 or 3 characters? I run into issues where people with short first names can't be found unless I start typing in their last name as well.


Hi Robert, 

The idea is still in the hopper and hasn't been moved to the consideration by development phase yet. Thanks for checking in! 

All the best, 


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