Allowing ticket sales for events

Since Galaxy is already designed to take donations, why not allow people to purchase tickets to events through it? It seems that it would help instead of having to have another account on EventBrite and other like sites.

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Hi, Julee! Thanks for your suggestion! Back in the olden (version 1.0) days of Get Connected, we added ticket sales as a custom feature for some of our sites. We no longer do custom work, but I mention that to say that this kind of thing has been requested before in the past. There was never quite enough demand to justify adding it, and there were lots of questions (such as whether tickets and RSVPs should be paired, how to accommodate different ticket prices, how to deal with discounts, etc.) that needed to be considered.

All of that being said, I think this is a good idea that could benefit a lot of sites! Thanks for posting it to the forums so that other site managers can chime in and vote for your suggestion. If you (and other site managers) can provide more details on how you would like such a feature to work on your site, that will help us discuss it as a team in the future.

Thanks, Julee!


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