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It would be helpful for our agency managers to have access to their fans contact info so they can choose to communicate with them. When someone fans an agency maybe they can "sign off" that the agency is receiveing their contact info. Thanks.

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Hi, Katie,

This request has come up before, but there have always been concerns about volunteer privacy and the risk of agencies sending too many messages to their fans (which could come across as "spamming"). I will revive this request at our next enhancements meeting--I think it's a good idea!



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Hi Nina,

That is my first concern too but if someone fans an organization you would think they would want to hear about what they need. And again, they are "opting in" or agreeing that the agency may send them emails.  I think Site admins, like myself, could also encourage agency managers not to over communicate for this reason. Too many emails and a volunteer could un-fan an agency too - which might be another incentive not to send too much to fans.  I definitely see both sides but I've always thought it was odd that agency managers can't see who their fans are. Thanks!!

Have there been any further conversations about the ability of Get Connected agency managers to have the names and contact information of their fans? 

- Chris

Christopher Mackey

United Way of Yellowstone County


 Hi Christopher,

Thank you for reaching out to us in the forums! I'm going to go ahead and convert this into a support ticket, because there are a few ways you can go about handling this. Be on the lookout for an email from support!



Customer Experience Specialist

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