Toggle between views: faculty, student, external partner

I'm a manager.  When I want to experience the site from a different role, in some cases I have to open a new window and log in using a second user profile.  This is in contrast to many cloud-based platforms that allow me to toggle back and forth.  Examples:  SquareSpace, WordPress. Canvas. Blackboard.  

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Hi, Julie,

Can you let me know what roles you're having to use a second user profile for? Or, more specifically, what tasks do you need to perform that are requiring you to log in as someone else? I know there are several, but I would like to know your specific use case so I can take it to my team. Thanks!


I would like 4 toggles. 

  • external user (community partner)
  • student
  • faculty
  • manager
I would like to log in as manager. Then see a faculty's submission for a class, then toggle on that to how the student in the class sees the faculty's submission, From the student's page I want to toggle to a community page and then back to manager.  

So as I think about it, I know there is no a single view that all users see.  The pages are customized for each user.  Could I have a button <<see faculty view>> that brings up a search or drop down box so I can easily assume that user?  I want to see what they see.

Same with <<see student view>> and so on.

Hi, Julie,

I've very sorry that I never got back to you on this in the forums. I have added this to our enhancements and want to make sure I understand what you are requesting.

As a site manager, you would like to have some sort of "See ... view" option when you are viewing the front end of the site. You would like there to be two options within that: "See Faculty View" and "See Student" view. Once you select one of those, you'd like to be able to select (or possibly type in) the name of the faculty member or student.

I don't know if we can make the system allow a certain view without logging you out of your site manager view, but I can look into having something on the front end for site managers so that you don't have to return to the manager panel to assume someone else's account.

My apologies again for not responding sooner.


I have used User Groups as a way to see a Need from the volunteers' view before it is activated.

I created a Manager user group - only a few people.

Build the Need, make it private to the user group, then activate it. 

then VIEW SITE and navigate to the Need to see how it looks.

After any further needed edits, Make it Public and update again.

Hi Cathy,

That's a great idea - thank you for sharing that tip in our forums!

All the best,


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