Website acting oddly and nothing happening

Every time I log in the login popup continues to appear with every page change. Additionally, I posted a number of needs 3-4 days ago and they are still pending.

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I have a similar problem in that I posted three opportunities in the last month and they are all pending.  Two of those opportunities have passed but still appear to be pending. 

I continue to add my profile picture using the website camera and the photo comes out upside down.

Hi there, 

To Bonnie and Mary, What site did you post those opportunities to? I would be happy to try to reach out to your site manager for you and find out what is going on. This forum connects you with our company, Galaxy Digital. We created the software that your local organization uses to coordinate volunteerism for your communities. We have clients all across the country! I apologize for the delay in response to your questions and will be happy to help where I can. 

Antonio, I'm going to create a support ticket for you and connect you with our agent, Eli. He should be able to help figure what's going on with your photo. 

Kind regards!


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