Warning Message for "Deactivate Needs"

While I love the pop up for "deactivate need," it might be helpful to have a little more forceful language in the pop up that indicates it can cause hours to disappear for users. Maybe changing the verbage from "deactivate" to something a little more straight forward, since "deactivate" can sound like "no longer available for sign ups."

Perhaps also changing the color from red, which sort of highlights it, while one of the best features (IMO) gets a grayed-out button.

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Good news! The button now has hover-over text that explains that the hours will disappear, and we've also beefed up the "Are you sure" message to warn agency managers (a second time) that volunteers won't be able to see their hours.

We can't change the button color because all of the "Deactivate" buttons on the site are red. I can look into having the "Clone Need" button be a different color throughout, but this would probably need to be an enhancement.

Thanks for the feedback, Andrew! I hope these changes to the button will prevent a few headaches with seemingly lost hours!


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