"Happens on" needs should be visible in the Agency/Program manager schedule/calendar

Topic pretty much says it all.  It would be useful to see all needs scheduled on a given day.

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Hi there! Just chiming in that allowing Happens On opportunities to appear in the scheduler will deeply benefit our use of the system as a whole. Hope to see this enhancement in the future!

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Hi, Chris,

Sorry for the delay in this response. Shift needs are coded a little differently from Happens On, Runs Until, and Ongoing needs, so it would definitely need to be an enhancement to add this capability for Happens On needs. I can add this to our list of items to discuss for potential enhancements.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can create a custom-shift need for a single day. This will cause the need to appear on the scheduling calendar, and you can schedule volunteers as needed. The only downside here is that, when the need is posted, it will say that "multiple" shifts are available when there is only one.

I will pass along your suggestion to our Development team. Thanks for your feedback!



Hi there,

Thank you for including your feedback. I will add this to the current request, so our development team can take a look. Have a great day!



We really need this enhancement, too. Unfortunately, the custom shift workaround doesn't allow us to set a respond by date which is critical for us.

Hi Jaclyn.

Thank you for adding your voice! I will make sure development knows that this would be helpful to another site manager. 

Have a great day!


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