location autopopulation please!

We have 20 nature preserves (6 main ones) where opportunities take place. I really need to be able to choose the location (previously added) from a list that will auto-populate the address fields.

This is major for me!

Thank you for your consideration and I hope this request is seen, approved of and implemented. 

I added this feature to a community calendar I created called gobgohio.com if you're interested in the code I used.

Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Jamie Sands

Wood County Park District

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Hi, Jamie,

Thanks for the suggestion! I can send this on to Development for consideration. Are you currently using your browser's autofill feature? In the absence of a similar feature within your Connect software, something like that should help things go more quickly, completing the addresses for different locations.

Thanks again for the feedback!



P.S. If you would like to send the code, you can send to support@galaxydigital.com and include my name (Nina) in the subject line. Thanks!

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