Volunteer Calendar View

I think it would make it easier for volunteers to find available needs/opportunities if the volunteer calendar view showed the number of open slots on a shift when moused/hovered over like in the agency/program manager's calendar view.

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Great idea, Chris! I'll bring this up at our next enhancements meeting.



I really like this idea too. Sometimes our folks don't understand it's not a single opportunity with 60 slots, but rather multiple shifts with maybe 5-10 slots each. Having it display the available number of slots on a particular shift on the calendar would definitely help alleviate the confusion.

While we're on the subject, it would be really cool if when a volunteer clicked on a shift-based Need from the calendar, it automatically took them to the "Shifts" section of the page (like when you click to register a team). That would allow them to quickly see the dates and open spots for all shifts.

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Robert, thanks for adding this!

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