Notify users when their User Group is added to a new opportunity

It would be very helpful to us if the platform automatically sent out an email to all people within a User Group, if that User Group is linked to an opportunity. This would save us a few steps and would allow Program Managers to more easily communicate with User Groups.

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Charlie, thanks for the suggestion! I don't think this has been suggested before, so I'll add it to our discussion list!



This request is a feature that is needed in order to be able to encourage agencies to use this platform.

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I can see this being an issue if an agency adds any random user group without any interaction with that user group.

We have currently have this issue with agencies adding a user group while creating the need.

Hi Kellee and Ryan,

Thank you for adding your voices to the discussion! To summarize: users would get a notification when their user group has been assigned to a need. This is helpful from the agency manager perspective as well as the user perspective. 

I will make sure that point is added to the enhancements board! 

Have a great day!


Thanks for the reply Autum.

I think the users in user groups should only get notifications if the functionality changes to that which user groups must approve a need being assigned to their group. As stated above, we have agencies assigning needs to multiple groups without any communication because it currently allows them to assign any user group on the platform. In its current state, adding notifications to users in users groups could cause more confusion than clarity.

Thank you for clarifying! I will add that it would be helpful for members of a user group to be able to accept/reject needs that have been assigned to their group. 

This is a great suggestion.  I can see why it could cause issues for some clients.  Our organization would love to have this feature, as Program Managers are limited currently in their ability to communicate new opportunities / needs to their volunteers beyond what the Connect provides for Public Opportunities / Needs.  

Perhaps a way to address the needs of everyone is to place a Notification Option in the table showing which Groups have been assigned to the Private Opportunity / Need.  The default could be  NO (instructing Connect not send a notification when the group is added, which is how things works today), but the Program / Agency Manager could switch this to YES, which means to send a notification to the members of the group.

Hi John,

Thank you for adding your support and this suggestion of how we might build this enhancement! 

I hope you have a great rest of your day,


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