Ability to add additional fields to E-Sign


I am curious about the potential for a generic blank field option for the e-sign process. Our current liability form has fields for information like email, phone, student ID, etc...

I know that the form is linked to the students account on the website, but if I needed to print it out for some reason it would be nice to have it all there in that event. 


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Thanks for your early feedback on the new eSign feature! I will log this for discussion at our next enhancements meeting. Just to clarify, you would like the option of adding eSign fields that have specific formats (such as phone numbers, integers only, text, etc., correct?

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I'm not sure how the process works from a technical perspective, so if they would need to be specific that makes sense, but if there was the possibility for say a misc field that could just have anything entered into it that would be nice. 



Daniel, thanks for clarifying. I have added this to our list of items to discuss at our next enhancements meeting. I think this is a good idea for an enhancement to the new eSign tool.



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