Additional Options to Modify Volunteer Hours

Currently there are options to decline or approve hours in bulk by selecting the lines and applying an action. It seems like there would be value, particularly in a corporate deployment of the solution, to have the full drop-down menu available to apply in bulk. I realize the menu would have to be reworked a bit to allow this, but it may help in multiple situations. Here are a couple of our use cases:

- An Admin accidentally approves hours in bulk for Needs that haven't even happened yet. This applies the default hours to anyone signed up for any Need and would require significant individual edits to correct.

- An Agency Manager adds hours for a volunteer Need and the large group of volunteers have already entered their own hours for a Need (and had them approved). There are now duplicate hours showing for that large number of volunteers.

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HI Robert, 

Hope your New Year is off to a good start. I've documented your idea for development to review. Thanks for posting! 


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