User-friendly Time Tracking for Agency Managers

We have found the usability of the Time tracking tab for agency managers to be overly cumbersome when more than 1-2 pages of hours are pending. We often have upwards of 50 hour submissions pending because we are waiting for our partners to send up to their sign-in sheets. 

Not only is navigating through the pages of needs to find those that we are able to approve time-consuming, but also when an hour submission is approved or denied, the other pages do not account for it and we have to be sure that we haven't missed any other submissions by going through all the pages again.

It would be very helpful to be able to see all pending hours on one page.

Hi Lindsay, can you tell me a little more about your workflow? It sounds like you are going through each page, looking for pending hours, and approving each entry. From what I can tell, it sounds like you would want to filter hours based on their status, similar to how you can filter needs by cause on the front end of the site. Let me know if that makes sense and aligns with your use case, and I can add it to our enhancements board!

Hi Eli,

One thing I may not have been clear on is that I am referring to the agency manager view when describing the pages of pending hours I have to sort through. We post one-time volunteer needs on our own agency page (Volunteer Kennesaw) and have to approve students' hours regularly as the agency manager.

 I suppose the better way to do this may be to look at the pending hours on the site manager side, but I thought it was still important to mention because I suspect that I am not the only agency manager that struggles with the functionality of sorting through pages of pending timesheets. 

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Thanks for clearing that up, that makes total sense! I will add an enhancement request to our board to be able to increase the number of hours entries that show up on each page in the time tracking tab. For now, you may want to use the check-all function for hours approval, which allows you to approve or deny multiple hours submissions at the same time (the checkbox under the "Actions" in the screenshot)


You can also do this from the manager view. Let me know if you have any questions!

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