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We’ve recently started using the Check-In kiosk for our volunteers. Is there a way to change the “Check-In Time” options? I don’t want the volunteers to have the option to check in at shift start or with a custom time. I prefer they check in when they’re actually checking in.


Thank you,


Christina Cook

Program Coordinator
Mon County Habitat for Humanity

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We are also in need of an option to have clock in at EXACT time.  

We are in the setup stage of our account, and I'm really surprised that an option is given for the volunteer to select the time they checked in!  

This is especially critical when it comes to court-ordered Community Service volunteers.  We need to track their hours accurately, and do so without having to spend unnecessary time to track their In's and Out's manually.  It is open to too many errors.

Thank you ... please consider this change.

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Hi Kathy, thanks for writing in! I will add this suggestion to our board and be sure to bring it up in the next review. It sounds like something like a setting to disable custom check-in/check-out times would be helpful here, as some users will definitely want this functionality, and others will want to restrict it. 

Have a great day!

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Agreed with Therese & Sam! It would be great if this change could happen sooner rather than later. It is a bit frustrating that this has been a request from 4 years ago without any updates.

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I'll add to the pile.  Simplifying the check-in/out time options would be preferred.  Perhaps just have an option on the main settings page to toggle each of the three on/off individually could be useful.  

I concur with the concerns above regarding accurate time-keeping for students and court-ordered community service.

If this was a priority pre-pandemic, it should be again now.  The kiosk is the ONLY way we register volunteers at all our facilities.

Looking forward to a few more years of this thread while we continue to pay for a product that fails to adapt to continually expressed needs.

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We also need this for our court-ordered community service workers as well as our sweat equity hours. When should we expect the next check-in update?

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Is there any update to this?

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Good afternoon,

Has there been any update on this? We are having a lot of issues with student volunteers arriving an hour late to their volunteer shift and checking in with the shift start time, instead of the actual time. We would also like to see a time stamp with activity under the hours tab, so we can monitor this and adjust hours accordingly. For example, if a student checks in on the kiosk at 3:00 for a 2:00 shift, by checking in with the shift start time, the hours tab should should have a section that says "hours added by user at kiosk at 3:00." Although this creates more work for our staff to have to closely monitor the entries on the kiosk hours tab, at least we can be recording hours accurately.  

It seems like this is an update a lot of organizations would like to see implemented.

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Restating our wish to have an option to make the check-in kiosk function like a time-clock. 

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Yes, we would like this option too for our ReStore volunteers especially!

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As a public-open facility, capturing EXACT check-in times is vital to our on-site security and safety. Our organization would also appreciate developments to Check-In Kiosk Options.

Thank you!

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This would be super helpful for our court-ordered volunteers as well! It would be great to be able to set the kiosk to one of the dropdown options for everyone, removing the volunteer's choice and recording only the exact time. 

Hello Grace,

I completely understand how the recording for the exact time for court-ordered volunteers would really benefit volunteer tracking! Thank you for submitting your valuable feedback and I'll be adding your voice and vote to our enhancements review.

With gratitude, 


Hi Christina,

Thank you for sending us this suggestion! We have documented your suggestion, so our development team can consider this for future enhancements. Please let us know if we can help out with anything else!

Have a great weekend!


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for adding your voice to the suggestions, I'll make sure to pass the additional feedback along to Brand so they can take it into account while they are reviewing and revising the requirements for an update to the Check-In Kiosk. Many of the changes that are made to the software are driven by these forum posts. I can't spill the beans just yet but the next couple of updates to the software were ideas that came from a post just like this one. 

Here is a link to our enhancements page. It talks about the updates made to the software in the past couple of years if you're curious about what we've built. I also noticed you're on a legacy product so I'm going to have our Success team reach out to you so they can talk to you about new features that might be helpful to you in our newer Nonprofit product. I've also attached a graphic we made in the beginning of 2020 that details the history of our product development. It doesn't include all the changes we've made but hits on some major highlights. 

We are looking forward to delivering an updated Kiosk to everyone! We are shooting for a Q2 of 2024 release for that product if no hiccups occur along the way. 

If anyone has additional questions about our history please reach out to us at 


Ali Pettigrew

Director of Customer Experience


Adding my thoughts to the chorus of people requesting a check-in out option at the kiosk that is similar to a time clock. Is this option in the works?

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