Reflections should not be seen by Agencies

When a partner agency exports hours through the My Agency part of the portal, they see a variety of information, including comments the students make when they submit hours (through "Description"). However, they also see the answers to the student reflection questions. Based on my understanding, when an instructor adds a reflection question to the hours for a user group, that reflection is supposed to be internal - for the class/user group. If a student knows that the Agency would see the reflection responses, they might not be open about their experiences.

I fully support agencies being brought into the process of reflection, but there should be an option for instructors to choose whether or not the agencies can see the responses. Also, do our instructors know that the agencies can read the reflections? If not...they need to be informed.

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Hi there Sapan, 

There is a setting in your main site settings area where you can choose if you want agencies to be able to see reflections or not! The setting is located under the Volunteerism header on the main settings page. Here is a little more info from the Help Center about that setting. 

Have a good weekend!


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