Students in teams should not necessarily have the ability to see each other's hours

In the Team functionality, the Team Leader gets to see the number of hours the others have put towards the service work/project. It creates a huge power imbalance, with the leader having knowledge that others don't have. Additionally, not all instructors will want any student to see the other's hours.

To me, the biggest benefit of Teams is that it lessens the number of responses received by the agency, thus not cluttering the inbox as much.

My suggestion would be to build this into the user group creation. Ask two questions:

1) Will this user group require or utilize Teams?

If the answer is Yes, then

2) Can the team members (or Leader) view and/or add hours of the other teammates?

This would then determine what students see in the team working on an opportunity specifically for that user group.

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Hi Sapan, I can definitely see how that would be useful. I have added your suggestions to our enhancements board, and will be sure to bring this up in our next enhancements meeting. Thank you for your feedback, I will let you know about any updates related to team hours visibility.

Have a great weekend!

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