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It would be very helpful if the AEM reminder email could be sent closer to the actual date of the event. Most of our volunteers haven't even registered one week prior to the event (the current timing). A reminder 1 - 2 days prior to the event would be extremely helpful. This is currently not possible without manually sending an eblast - which is doable, but certainly not the most efficient method. The Upcoming Need Reminder notification (the non-AEM version of this same email) is sent both 1 week and 1 day prior to the event. I propose that this schedule be adopted to the AEM reminder email.

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Hi Heather!

Thanks for writing such a great post, I love all the detail you included. Unfortunately, as a company, we are focused on our new need grouping tool, Initiatives. We find this tool to be easier to use and more user-friendly than Advanced Events. Since we are focusing on that product and making it even better, the development team has stopped updating our Advanced Events module. At this time there are no plans to get rid of Advanced events, we're just not making any updates to it moving forward.

Initiatives works with regular needs, this means that a reminder will go out 7 days before the need happens and again 24 hours before the need happens and can be a great tool for MLK Day of Service and other events. 

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Hey Ali,

I would really strongly urge you all to talk to your users (particularly United Ways) about AEM, as the one's I've talked to aren't going to be moving community days of service / days of action to initiatives anytime soon. AEM functions MUCH better than initiatives for those types of events. Adding this minimal functionality update would make a huge difference for us.

Thanks Heather!

I'm actually keeping a document of feedback from clients that won't move over to initiatives so we can work on improving that feature so it works well for everyone! Would you share with me the features you need that aren't present in initiatives? I'd love to hear your perspective and add your feedback to my document.

Kind regards,


Hi Ali,

I just submitted some features that AEM had that initiatives do not as I have tried to switch to initiatives for this year's Let's Volunteer Day in April.  I am having regrets.  I posted those on another forum.  Let me know if you can find them.  If not, I will restate here if that helps.  

Hi Lynn,

We've got your other post so no worries there! Jacqui is going to get back to about that and we are making sure those ideas are documented. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


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