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Hi there,

I work for a United Way and we are helping other local nonprofits navigate the Get Connected portal.  One frustration they have is in setting up a user, they will enter a bunch of info, and then if one required field is entered wrong, the entire page clears, and they have to start over.  Also the messages are not until after all is cleared what the problem was in their entry (if password not long enough, or correct characters, etc).  They are spending a lot of time entering and reentering information on entire page, just for one error on one line.  Can this be fixed?

Also, for those with logins, who maybe enter the incorrect password, the site clears the email as well, so everything there also needs to be re-entered.

Just some minor tweaks so not all is erased will keep from a lot of user frustration!  Thanks.

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 Hi Shannon, thanks for reaching out!

I am trying to re-create this situation so I can see exactly what's going on. Let me know if I have this right:

When one of your agencies tries to create a user profile via the form below and they get one of the fields wrong, the whole form clears and they have to start over. Is that what is happening? 


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