Viewing Agency Revisions



When agencies make revisions, viewing exactly what they revised is difficult. Could the system provide simple detail in the REVISIONS section? Perhaps in the empty space between SUBMITTER and DATE ADDED?



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It would be useful sometimes to see edits to agency and need records as well, although I don't think they'd fit in the space that is described in this recommendation. Not sure how to show that kind of history of edits and versions. I've had that in previous versions of software where a link to a running list of edits was available, but it really is a lot of data and deciding what fields and how far back to go is more than we could use for our site at least. 

Thanks for the suggestions! 

I went ahead and wrote up the idea and will talk about it with the team. If we come up with another way to make this request, I'll come back and update the thread. Likewise, if you have any other light bulbs about how to see revisions, let me know! 



I would like to circle back to this suggestion for consideration. We are a new organization using the site.



Thanks Kayla!

I'll add your voice to the request. 



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