Allow People Who Receive Team Invitation Link to View Team Invitations without Logging in or Registering First


Myself, and many of our local companies, like using the team registration process on the site. In particular, there are several divisions within local manufacturing, medical and insurance companies who find the team management function very useful for organizing their employee volunteer teams.

But, the one thing I hear repeatedly is that they wish the link to "Join Team" would actually display the invite/information first, so when the person clicks "Join Team" after seeing the details, then the potential volunteer/team member would be prompted to either login/register or sign-up.

Would that be possible?  My company contacts don't like to require their employees to register or sign-up first just to see what the project is for the team. To work around this, they have to copy and paste the need details/description into an email message with the join team link and then many employees just reply to the email rather than actually registering.

I've also had feedback that the Join Team hyperlink is really, really long. I often shorten it for them using bitly.  Just adding that in case it could be shortened somehow.

Thank you for considering,

Gina Edwards

Heart of Illinois United Way

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Hi Gina,

Thank you for sharing your feedback! The primary reason the hyperlink requires the volunteer to sign-up or log-in before viewing the opportunity is to ensure that the volunteer "Responds" to the the team join link, instead of accidentally responding to the opportunity as an individual volunteer. This additional step reassures site managers and team leaders that their volunteers are responding to the correct opportunity, in the correct way. We really appreciate you explaining your use case. I will make sure to document this, so our development team has an opportunity to take a look! Have a great Friday!


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