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As a site manager I work with HUNDREDS of nonprofits who are posting their volunteer needs on our site. I often have this issue where an agency contact doesn't know they already have an agency account (or we might have an old inactive account) so they create a new agency record.  I either end up approving it or making it inactive and then activating an older account - it depends on which listing has the most current info, # of needs and # of fans.  So sometimes I have to "move" some info from one agency acct to another and make sure just one agency is active (thus making all other duplicates inactive.)  Not to mention this is adding a lot of "junk" data into the system.

I hope this is making sense!  I understand deleting user, need or agency records is frowned upon (and why) and we don't have the ability to delete. So is there a way to "merge" duplicate records somehow so not to lose any info from either record/multiple records??  Maybe this is a feature request?

Thank you!

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Hi Katie,

Thanks for sharing this question!  Although the software doesn't have an automatic way of finding duplicate agencies, I definitely have some suggestions on how to get ahead of any possible duplicate agencies. I made a short video to show how best to do this. I can't guarantee a change to the software, but would you help me bring attention to this idea by posting this in our Product Suggestion Forum

Here is how I would recommend staying ahead of duplicate agencies:

1. In the "Agencies" area, click "Date Added" twice so that the most recently added agencies appear at the top of your list. 

2. Type a keyword from the agency title in the search box and press enter. This will show any agencies with similar titles. 

3. The site admin can then reach out to the agency managers of the duplicate agencies to determine if the agency has experienced turnover. 

4. It is best to make the new version of the agency Pending until the current Agency Manager is determined. 

5. After the new managers are sorted out, the correct Agency can be made Inactive so that it won't muddy any data. 


How To Find Duplicate Agencies (VIDEO)

Here are some brand new resources I recommend sharing with new Agency Managers: 

Daily, Weekly, Monthly provides a road map for site use.

Agency Benefits PDF highlights how a Connect site can help an agency save time and grow. 

Creating an Effective Opportunity explains the best way to communicate an agency's volunteer needs. 

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