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I have an agency that has posted a large number of opportunities with different dates attached to them.  It is a general volunteer orientation and although they know they can create one opportunity with multiple shifts attached, because each orientation has its own designated theme, they have opted to give each opportunity its own page.  That said, the opportunties are not listed chronologically on their site which makes navigating through them difficult for their volunteers when trying to sign up.  Even though they can go in and filter the specific opportunities out and list them in chronological order, then copy and paste a link to that page display, it doesn't help the lay person navigating through opportunities.  Is there a way agencies or site managers can list opportunities not by order of when they were edited or added, but by order of when they occur as a setting?    

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Hi Lynn!

It sounds like you already know about copying the link to a sorted needs list, but I also want to suggest putting that link in one of your site's spotlights to make it more accessible to your volunteers. For example, where it says Newesr Volunteer Opportunities


You could also link to your site's calendar, which you can find at yoursite.galaxydigital.com/calendar. This will display upcoming happens on and shift-based needs in chronological order:


Please let me know if you have any questions!

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