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Would be nice if the Individual hours was more customizable.  Maybe add more Hours Questions, so that more information can be captured rather than hoping they include all the information in the description field.

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for sharing your feedback on Individual Hours. I am going to document this so our development team has the opportunity to view your suggestion. Have a great day!



It would be nice to have the option to pull reports on Individual Hour Details by the date they were submitted, in addition to by the date they occurred.  We have students who submit Individual Hours for things they did months and sometimes more than a year ago.  We have to pull reports going back several years to make sure we catch any newly added hours and then sort the spreadsheet by Date Added to get the information we need.  If we could pull the report for only hours added, regardless of when the occurred, since the last report, this would save us having to wade through a huge list of duplicates each time we pull reports.

I hope that makes sense, and that this is something fairly easy for you all to do.



Hi Tim,

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback on Individual Hours reporting! You make a great point about the value of this enhancement and I will do my best to advocate on your behalf. With that in mind, here is my summary of your suggestion that will be shared with our development team:

"Allow site managers to pull data from the Individual Hours report based on date added, rather than only by date of opportunity".

I'd like to add that this may be achievable through a custom report and I would love to continue this conversation with you if this is something you may interested in! Please feel free to reach out to and reference this forum post.

All the best,


Hi Melissa,

Just wanted to circle back to this post to update it! Within the past year, we have made big updates to the Manager Panel > Settings > Hours area in order to make the volunteer hours submission form more customizable and give more control to the admin when it comes to requiring certain fields or questions.

Updates to general hours submission form fields (ability to hide or require):



With custom hours questions, you can also assign certain questions depending on the hour type (such as individual hours):



We hope this helps with your workflow moving forward in this regard!

Tim, I believe we are still working on you piece of the puzzle when it comes to improving reporting on individual hours and hours questions in general. I will not mark this post as implemented due to this, but I hope this news is still good to hear outside of that!

Thanks everyone!


CX Specialist

she / her

Would it be possible to add one of those “i” circles, the kind that when you hover over an info box appears with more info?


I don’t think we need a language override, rather more detailed instructions for volunteers to  and I think this would apply to all your clients, not just Volunteer Houston.


Suggested help text:

 "What location/organization did you volunteer at?" 

"What is the name of someone from this organization who can verify these hours?" 

"What email address from this organization can be used to confirm these hours?" 


We have had many volunteers submit their own email addresses or addresses of family members instead of the organization to verify their hours.


Hi Brooke, 

I have great news! We have been working on updating the language around Individual Hours (you must be reading our minds!) and we have recently added some help text to the Individual Details section for Individual Hours! 

We now have help text that describes what each field in the Individual Details section is used for: 

Thank you for adding your suggestion, and I hope you have a great rest of your day!

Autum Brown, Education Manager

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