Add a Volunteer Status

I would like to request an upgrade to the site.

Much like there is a status for opportunities (active, inactive, pending), our organization would like to advocate that a volunteer status be added. For example some of the phases of a volunteer's life cycle at the City of Riverside include:

- Applied/under consideration

- Invited to interview

- Not selected (to move forward)

-  Background check required

-  Waiting to be cleared

- Cleared

- Inactive

For this purpose, I think applied, pending, active, and inactive would suffice.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. 

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Hi Jennifer, 

Thanks for reaching out! You are not the only one to request a new way to categorize volunteers based on where they are in their volunteerism lifecycle. I will add this to our internal enhancements board, and include this forum post as a reference. 

Thank you for your suggestion!

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Totally agree with the suggestion above! Currently we are not sure if the volunteer has been contacted or where they might be in the process. This upgrade would really help with the work flow.

Hi Victoria, thanks for adding your voice here. I will update our enhancement board, and be sure to bring this up in our next enhancements meeting!

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