Add "Ongoing Opportunities" as a drop down filter option

We have 350 local non-profits that list on our website and lots of them started by entering opportunities that are ongoing. As a result they rarely post anything current and or course if you are looking for opportunities you have often to scroll through pages of agency entries. These are great opportunities for people looking for an internship type of experience, or wanting to learn new skills, or recently retired and like to get out of the house on a regular basis- so certainly valuable. But if you created an "Ongoing Opportunities" option as a filter, it would be easier to search them. Also it begs the question, but ideally you would also want to have a drop down option that reflect opportunities coming up soon, like "Volunteer Now" for opportunities that are within a week.

I think the first option is easier- it only requires the managers to click on that filter. the second would require a time entry, so managers would need to enter a begin and end timeframe? Well I can let you play with that one!

But I know most casual volunteers to the website want immediate opportunities while those looking to long term commitments will spend more time going through the opportunities.



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Hi Michelle, thanks for reaching out! 

I will add this idea to our internal enhancements board and use this post as a reference. In the meantime, I would recommend sorting opportunities by Soonest First, and copy-pasting the resulting link into a spotlight. Note that you can do this for any filter or sorting order.

You can also bump certain opportunities to the front page by updating them, as needs are sorted by most recently updated first.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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