Custom Fields on "Needs" Form

I would like to request the option to customize/add fields to the "Add New Need" form.  For example, some of our events (such as our annual school supply drive, Cram the Van) are exactly the same (same description and same time), but take place at different locations.  Instead of having to post a different need for each location, it would be nice if we could add custom locations to the same need (very similar to how there can be custom time shifts under "duration"). 

Being able to add a "Custom Locations" or "List Multiple Locations" option would be valuable for me, but I think many different organizations would greatly benefit from just a general "custom fields" option on the "Add New Need" form.

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Hi Kristy, 

Have you checked out the updates we made to the initiative feature? It allows you to create custom questions on the need creation form that must be answered in order for the need to be included in the initiative. For example, If you were having an annual school supply drive, you could create an initiative for it, add a custom initiative need question such as: "What locations are participating in this opportunity/need" then when an agency goes to create their school drive need, they would have to include any locations when creating the single need. Does that feature sound like it might be a solution for what you're describing? If you want more information on how that feature works, just send an email on over to 

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The folks at Galaxy know custom fields in needs and agencies are always a huge request for me so I definitely agree with that! I do think that adding multiple locations to a particular need is a different request since zip codes are an established search option. So I want to say I also agree with Kristy's request to be able to have multiple locations for the same need is a good idea. It is something we can get around with cloning opportunities, but having multiple locations within same need would definitely be useful. 

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Hi Molly,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Kristy's post! I am going to add this to our enhancement board so the development team can take a look. Have an awesome weekend!