Add a "Reviews" Section

My organization, United Way of the Greater Capital Region, and I are interested in the creation of a "Reviews" or "Rating" section for each agency that is registered on the platform. The "Review" or "Rating" (i.e., a five-star rating system) will be completed after a volunteer completes their volunteer opportunity. We are hoping for this to be made public, as other volunteers can indicate to other volunteers about their experience (similar to what users do on Yelp!). My team and I have discussed the controversies of rating/reviewing a non-profit organization, but we believe that it will help agencies with holding themselves accountable for providing worthwhile volunteer experience, as well as indicate to other volunteers that this organization is worth devoting their time to. 

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Thank you so much for your suggestion! I have documented this idea and I will bring it to the table for our next discussion with the Development team about future enhancements. If they decide to include ratings/reviews for agencies, or any other feature that would involve feedback on agencies, I will let you know. 

Happy Monday!


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