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I am an agency manager on Community Connect and I have volunteers checking in using the kiosk. 

My suggestion for a software improvement is, as an agency manager, to be able to view check in time without having to export to a spreadsheet and sift through all the data before finding the one I need.

There are some students who volunteer with us and it's important for me as their "manager" to make sure they are coming in on time, and I can't see that unless I go through many steps. One thought is to have it as a table filter when I click on the hours tab on the manager page. 

thank you for you consideration of this suggestion!


Anna Baumgartner

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Hi Anna, thanks for reaching out!

That makes sense to me, I think I may have an idea of how to get around this more easily. In the hours table under Volunteerism > Hours there is a field called Date Added which reflects the date an hours submission was made, or in your case the student checked into the need 

Would it solve your problem to add the time, in addition to the date to this field?Right now, it will just say something like Mar 1, 2019, but would it work for you if it also had the exact time the hours were submitted? Let me know if you have any questions!

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