Attaching User Group to "Hours" in Addition to or Instead of Attaching User Group to "Responses"

I thought at one point that you all were looking into making it possible for a User to attach their User Group to an Hours submission in addition to (or instead of ) only being able to attach a User Group to a Response.  This would be extremely helpful to us (and I imagine others) because it would allow folks who are volunteering at the same place having responded to the Need in one semester, to then track their hours for that Need in a different User Group without having to recreate each Need by semester and creating a new Response to it.  We have students in scholarship User Groups and occupational therapy user groups who volunteer at the same place over the course of the year or, in many cases, multiple years.  If they could just pick the User Group to which to attach the Hours being submitted, it would save us a lot of work.

Another benefit to attaching User Groups to Hours submitted would be if Individual Hours submissions could be attached to a User Group.  Currently, because User Groups are only attached to Responses, in order to get the functionality of the Individual Hours feature, we have to create "Generic" Needs for each User Group where students have the option of volunteering at places not in Get Connected, have the students attach their Response to that Need to their User Group, and then create a Reflection creation question for each User Group asking students the same questions that are required of Individual Hours submissions.  If they could just use the Individual Hours submission and attach their hours to a User Group, that would really help us too!

I hope you all are able to incorporate this capability.  It would save us a ton of time and trouble each semester.


Tim Stewart

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Hi Tim, 

Thanks for posting! We always appreciate your care and level of detail. We are working on a better method for having hours associated with a User Group. Rest assured, this is on the roadmap for a fix. I can't give much detail because we haven't started building it yet but I did want you to know that something is going to be done to make that process smoother for you and others using the user group or SLM feature.

I hope your semester is going well so far!