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We have the situation where there are many volunteers who cannot or will not use the computer to respond to opportunities, but show up and sign in on paper, and may not even be able to provide an email address.

The process to manually add hours can painful, requiring multiple steps on different screens to first create a response , and then add hours.

Making this more difficult, the process is different for Agency managers vs Site Managers - site managers at least get a user lookup; however, agency managers have to have an exact email address. Could this be changed to allow the user lookup for Agency Managers as well? Also, could we add hours at the same time, on the same page?

In our situation, we have "agencies" that are a part of our organization throughout the southern part of the state.  These Agency Managers, in order to meet the needs of their volunteers and offer as much support to them as possible, really need more access to volunteer information (and the ability to assign someone to an opportunity without having to jump through a lot of hoops).  Because our agency managers are located so far away geographically, it's really cumbersome for them to have to contact a site manager for any access to their volunteers' information or for issues that arise with helping volunteers sign up for certain opportunities. 

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Hi, Beth,

Thanks again for clarifying all of that, it was very helpful. You were right to write into the suggestion forums for this, and I will add this to your original forum post so other site managers can see your suggestions, as well as to our internal enhancements list and be sure to bring this up at our next meeting. More specifically, here is what I will bring up:

1. The ability for an agency manager a volunteer name, using the 4-char minimum user name lookup (as available to the site manager) when adding responses or hours for the users. 
2. The ability for agency managers to add default hours for users who have responded to a need (similar to site managers) 
3. The ability to add more volunteer names and hours, without re-selecting the Opportunity or shift, all on the same page, at the same time.

Please let me know if I have missed anything!

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