ask t-shirt size when posting a need

One of our agencies asked if there was a way to ask for t-shirt size in when posting their opportunities.  I know that is a question to can add to a need in advanced event but couldn't;t see how to do that for a "regular"need.  That would be helpful for some of our agencies who post needs for large events.  Thanks!

Hi Katie,

Thank you for reaching out! Although agencies don't have the option to add questions to a specific opportunity, site managers like yourself can add Response Questions that will appear on all opportunities. Here is an example of what a volunteer sees when they respond to an opportunity with a Response Question. 

Site managers can make custom responses questions by following these steps, and a question about t-shirt-size is a great way to use Response Questions. Does that sound like a good solution? 

Have a great day!


Thanks Autum!  I appreciate the response!  I didn't necessarily want to add the question for all opportunities and have volunteers assume they will receive a t-shirt.  So just looking to see if there was another way to go about it. My suggestion to the agency was to get t-shirt size in their follow up communication with volunteers. 

Maybe I'll suggest that as a feature request - adding custom response questions at the need level.

Thanks again!

I totally understand, Katie, and thank you so much for posting on the forum! If you decide to bring this up as a suggestion in a different post, I will make sure that development hears about it and we will put it on the table when discussing our next round of enhancements. Thank you!