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We have certain large volunteer opportunities that we would like to have the option of including a waitlist for without including a waitlist for all opportunities.  It would be great to have the option to turn waitlists on or off while creating the opportunity.

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Hi Anna, 

Would the ability to enable wait-list on the initiative level work or is the opportunity level what is needed? I'm not sure which is an easier fix but we always brainstorming! What kind of large volunteer opportunities are you running where you would like to have wait-list enabled and what kind of opportunities do you have that you would not want wait-list enabled for. We love details, especially when documenting requests for our development team. 

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Hi Ali,

We have large neighborhood revitalization events (it still should be classified as an opportunity through Community Connect for volunteers to gain their hours) that we host twice a year for 300-400 volunteers.  This year we've had a strong volunteer response and would have liked to have the functionality to add a wait-list for the opportunity.  Our other volunteer opportunities are for standard construction or ReStore volunteers and we would not want wait-lists for every day volunteer opportunities.  These opportunities are generally for 15 volunteers or less.

Adding the ability to enable wait-list on the initiative level would be helpful.  Ideally, it would be on the opportunity level, but either would allow for the functionality we need.  Does that make sense?

Thank you!


That makes perfect sense Anna. 

Thanks so much for the extra context, I'll make sure to update the request with this additional information.

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Hi there,

Just chiming in that a waitlist on the opportunity level would be really useful! Our Emerging Leader projects (usually 2-4 20 person projects a month) tend to be very popular and it would be great to manage registrations better. 

Also (and correct me if I've misunderstood), I had not enabled waitlists for the United Way of King County Get Connected because we have so many different organizations using the platform and I did not want to obligate so many organization managers to contend with the feature if it wasn't helpful/applicable. Being able to enable this at the opportunity level seems like a great way to correct that.





I just had an agency partner ask this question yesterday..... being able to turn on/off a wait list at the opportunity level would be amazing!

Hi All!

Alexia and Katie, thank you for adding your input to this discussion! I will make sure that your support of this idea is added to this enhancement request. 

Thank you!


I would also like to ask that waitlist functionality (and even the option to hide an opportunity once full) be opportunity specific, rather than a site-wide on/off decision. This would greatly improve our volunteer experience! 

Hi Jaclyn,

Thank you for your addition! I will make sure that is added as part of our waitlist enhancement suggestions. 



As a new customer, this would be a very helpful feature!

Hi Allison,

Thank you for chiming in! I've added your thoughts to our existing notes for this enhancements suggestion. We appreciate your dedication to wanting to improve the site for your users!



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